How I Went From $4,000 to $50,000 in 4 Months This Year


How I Went From $4,000 to $50,000 in 4 Months This Year

Growing up, my parents taught me the value of lifelong learning, the importance of an education, and how getting that valuable knowledge can transform my life. I must say, I have relied on these guiding principles over the years to shape my career, successes and life decisions. As a graduate of Rutgers University and VCU School of Pharmacy, I can testify to the greatness and opportunities available to anyone who is willing to do what it takes to be successful. I am a Pharmacist, licensed in DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY and I enjoy providing excellent patient care and being able to solve medication related problems. I also really enjoy trading options and participating in the stock market in my free time. My relentless pursuit of excellence and achievement, drew me to my life passions of personal development, entrepreneurship, and investing; particularly trading options. To let more about options you can check out my e-book and get this valuable video resources which helped me tremendously. 


How I Started Trading Options

I came to learn about options 10 years ago through my brother, a CPA and serial entrepreneur. With my brother's extensive experience in Finance & Accounting, he was able to transpose his knowledge to me, and open my eyes to a whole new world. The catalyst that really drew me in was when he first turned my $1,000 initial investment to $3,000 within a day, and from then on, I was intrigued and fascinated. That fascination, led to my own research about options and after watching countless videos on YouTube, I began to trade on my own. After having numerous successful trades, I have decided to share this knowledge with the world by creating, a consulting service in options trading for those new to options trading and making money in the stock market. Though options offer tremendous leverage and opportunities in participating in the stock market, one must not underestimate the risk involved.


What Options Have Given Me

Knowing how to trade options has been an invaluable asset and a great way to create residual supplemental income. Nevertheless, there is nothing like being able to make money on my computer or phone. This past year, I took my account within 4 months from 4k to 50k+ and while some might wonder why a pharmacist like myself trades options, the answer is my drive to set my family up for multiple streams of residual income and get to a point of financial independence and security. I have not reached my ultimate goal yet and will continue to trade, until I can leverage my website into a full fledge entrepreneurial business.


Find Out More

With a passion for entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial freedom, I decided to write an e-book to share my knowledge on how to create passive income and build wealth through the stock market - specifically options trading. Particularly, the focus is geared towards removing the fear and stigma that some might have about investing. However, my primary aim is also to show that anyone can trade options and all that is needed is specialized applied knowledge and a dose of hard work, dedication and consistency.  You can visit my website at and learn how I accomplished this feat through trading options in the stock market.  You can also read all about it in my e-book which is also available for sale on my website