Welcome to Million Dollar Options!

My name is Tayo Ogunsanya, PharmD and I am a licensed and practicing pharmacist with licensure in 5 states and options trading is one of my passions. When I first discovered options, my eyes were wide open to a new reality. A reality in which I can make money by participating in the stock market through trading options while on my computer and also working full time.  I have been trading options for over 5 years and my biggest breakthrough was when I decided this year to set a goal target. My goal target was to get to a $100,000 profit trading  this year, but I only made it half way, to $50,000 +. You can see below the screen shot of when I withdrew about $44k from my Robinhood account. I started with about $4000 and grew my account to over $50,000! I am here writing this to let you know that you can do it too, once you get the specialized knowledge. All the information of how to trade options is out there and all you have to do is apply it!








The reason I created Million Dollar Options is to make successful professionals and other pharmacist aware about how to secure residual passive income right on your computer by getting involved in the stock market. Yes, trading options are risky, but what is without risk! One of my life philosophies that I am pursuing is financial freedom and seeking avenues of wealth generation. My goal is to get you to a place where you can trade by yourself and put some money in your pockets while away from your 9 to 5.